Lightyears Ahead (Free Download)

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

A free beat from Charlie Hilton.
Click here for the download.


Charlie Hilton said...

Please let me know if you've downloaded it, plan to record on it or have recorded on it already.


*Red said...

This is probably the nicest beat you've made...

I love it man.

FUCK Kanye... nah ... haha but really... watch out Mr. West

SPADES said...

beat isz tew tuff...
call the boOth, tell em' im On my way.

SPADES - "________" [Prod. Charlie Hilton)

trust, it sOund`sz abOut riqht.

Man, keep up the qreat werk.

Rich2021 said...

the joints you produced on his mixtape are crazy

Anonymous said...

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