Frank Ramz

Monday, 16 March 2009

Name: Frank Ramz
Age: 21
Location: Bronx, NY.

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The Think Inc. thoughts:

I have been following Mr. Ramz for a good while now and was captivated by his solo projects ‘Welcome To Medusaville’ (download now from: and ‘No Effort Involved’ (download now from: His raps are as polished as anybodies, his flow is different on every record, and his lyrics can hit hard on one song and make you laugh out loud on another. At 21 years old, and with as much talent and integrity as he possesses, if he doesn’t make it big time, I will wonder what the world has come to.

A Charles Hamilton approved record: Superhuman - Frank Ramz (Prod. Charlie Hilton)

The Interview:

1. Yo. So, why should I listen to Frank Ramz?

I'm a regular dude that everybody can relate to. I create music to help you escape from reality and give you a type of comfort. Also, I bring something that we all need in life besides a dope flow and sick lyrics, I bring TRUTH!

2. Well, you know I’m already sold! In six or less words, how would you describe your relationship to music?

That’s easy; Music = ME (‘My Everything’).

3. Good philosophy, keep that with you. If you could get signed to one record label, which one would it be, and why?

I was recently asked this and couldn't answer it. But right now, I would have to go with whatever label Timbaland is on. (*Google Time*) Which is Interscope; his production is DOPE.

Just to put it out there: I also wouldn't mind getting down with Ryan Leslie & Next Selection because I think I'd make some ILL music with him on the beats!

4. TRAITOR! Haha… I’m just playing. What is the most unforgivable thing that a Hip Hop artist could do?

Hmmm... Right now, I would say: To blatantly disrespect one of the late/greats.

5. Ahem – Soulja Boy – Ahem. So, where will Frank Ramz be in fifteen years time?

DAMN! 15 years? Very well established in the Hip Hop world as a dope-ass lyricist and real person. Financially, extra comfy and continuing to work on business ventures in and outside of music.

6. Continue as you are and I have no doubt that will come true. If you were to have a multi-million selling record tomorrow, what would you do with the money and the exposure?

Well, first I'm getting my mother out of this hellhole that we're in now. After that, buying my own spot somewhere in NY with an in house studio. Continue to make music and save the rest.

7. Out of all of the unsigned hype circulating the Internet, which artists (singers, rappers, producers, poets, etc) would you most like to work with?

Shit! I don’t really follow too many 'unsigned' artists…

8. Well that is what The Think Inc. is for! I’ll ask you that again in the future. What will we be hearing from you next, and when?

My next project is called "Falling Up" and will be dropping April 30th.

9. Can’t wait for that… Who would you like to give shout outs to?

Everybody who supports me and my music! My Nas Ramz, manager Khareen, my 2 older brothers and family for sticking behind me when I chose to do music. My friend G.P. for keeping me motivated at certain times during my 10+ years of rhyming. Basically everybody who has love for me. Hilton, I don’t have to mention you got damnit!

10. Yeah you do! Ha. Finally, what are your three favorite songs EVER, in any order?

Michael Jackson’s ''Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'', Nas’s ''One Mic'' and Tupac’s "I Ain't Mad At Cha''. But they could change at any time, damnit!

- The Think Inc.


SPADES said...

Can i answer the first questiOn..
shhh =x, i wanna feel interviewed...

"..yOu shOuld listen tO Sir Ramz A lOt becausee the man, is a beast, real lyricist, talented, has a lOt On the table, & much mOre tO qO with..."

siqned "SPADES"
(a qrOwth spurt in effect)

Marcy said...

Well i know mr. Franklin since 1st grade and this is his everything. I love his music because its real and true. I wish you all the best of luck and you know that as corny as it is.. I am a Fan.. From your Friend.. Marcy

dj ill dub said...

this dude frank ramz is sum1 that brings sumthing new 2 this new hiphop world a fresh style sumthing we havent seen in a while and thats a good thing we need more new and fresh music like that cuz honestly we all cant be hustlers,G'Z,killers,pimps all that shit niggas talk about but wen u are ya self ya music sounds tha best and thats what frank ramz brings u and im looking 4ward 2 seeing more and hearing more of MR.Ramz and i hope ya got ears open cuz i dew and this kid here got them stupid dope moves and i belive he just warming up so what we get now is just a taste of what we would see so RamZ dew what it dew and keep up tha hard work!!!

Anonymous said...

Naturally talented artist. Frank doesn't need to try to rap, hip hop flows from his soul.

Anonymous said...

Ramz where do I start? Real, from the heart, Beast, Versatile, Smart, etc... can keep going! "If you a real fan, the real you will get, I spit what I feel, so you'll feel what I spit!" Wow who says that other than Frank Ramz! Personally I feel he would fit in with Pharrell, Common, Kanye and Lupe! Or Timbaland! Best unsigned artist as well as better than 85-90% of the game right now! probably more! Ramz know how I feel about his music! My brother will go far! Sky is the limit and i'll be in it wit' ya!

Anonymous said...

I must say,It's about damn time that Frank Ramz is getting more of this Shine Time.Ha Frank Ramz is a Goal striver, but the only way hes moving is straight towards perfection. His words are very powerful, so effortlessly he captures you with them. Obviously his songs are Genuine,its not like I hear that many good songs now adays, and thats where he stands out. Frank Ramz is a True Lyricist. So everyone Open your ears and be on the look out for his talent.. Uh Ha ha

Anonymous said...

Ramz is the truth

Charlie Hilton said...

Turned out to be a great interview Ramzy!

Sleaze said...

dude is nice!

Frank Ramz aka Frankenstein said...

iWas bored and went searching

Chris Campbell said...

i remember you mentioning gettin a blog like this up forever ago and i'm real glad you did. has crazy potential to be an amazing blog. and definitely a good start with ramz.

Niki said...

He is young, fresh and cool, Frank Ramz


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